A Successful Application of Continuous Pack-Off Technology to Water Shutoff Recompletion for High-WCT Gravel-Packed Horizontal Well

发布时间:2022-03-24 | 更新:admin

Paper Number: SPE-204838-MS



Controlling the excessive water production from the high water cut gravel packing horizontal well is a challenge. The approach which uses regular packers or packers with ICD screens to control the unwanted water does not function well. This is mainly because of the length limitation of packers which will make the axial flow resistance insufficient.

In this paper, a successful case that unwanted water is shutoff by using continuous pack-off particles with ICD screens (CPI) in the whole horizontal section in an offshore oilfield of Bohai bay is presented. The reservoir of this case is the bottom-water high viscosity reservoir. The process is to run 2 3/8" ICD screen string into the 4" screen string originally in place, then to pump the pack-off particles into the annulus between the two screens, and finally form the 360m tightly compacted continuous pack-off particle ring.

The methodology behind the process is that the 2-3/8" ICD screens limit the flow rate into the pipes as well as the continuous pack-off particle ring together with the gravel ring outside the original 4" screens to prevent the water channeling into the oil zone along the horizontal section. This is the first time this process is applied in a high water cut gravel packed horizontal well. After the treatment, the water rate decreased from 6856BPD to 836.6BPD, the oil rate increased from 44BPD to 276.8BPD. In addition, the duration of this performance continued a half year until March 21, 2020.

The key of this technology is to control the unwanted water by using the continuous pack-off particles instead of the parkers, which will bring 5 advantages, a) higher efficiency in utilizing the production interval; b) no need to find the water source and then fix it; c) the better ability to limit the axial flow; d) effective to multi-WBT (water breakthough) points and potential WBT points; e) more flexible for further workover. The technology of this successful water preventing case can be reference to other similar high water cut gravel packed wells. Also, it has been proved that the well completion approach of using CPI can have good water shutoff and oil incremental result. Considering the experiences of historical applications, CPI which features good sand control, water shutoff and anti-clogging is a big progress compared to the current completion technologies.

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